Renowned Beer Released Today

Founders releases CBS.
Founders releases CBS.

Perhaps the city’s most renowned beer is released today.

Founders Brewing Co. has released CBS as its sixth and final release of the 2017 Barrel-Aged Series.

Since CBS, or Canadian Breakfast Stout, was last released in bottles in 2011, beer lovers have longed for another release of the big beer — it clocks in at 11.7 percent alcohol by volume. The beer does show up on occasion on tap at the Founders taproom.

Now the beer will be sent to all 46 states where the brewery’s beer can be found, at the steep suggested price of $24.99 per 750mL bottle.

CBS is aged in barrel from Grand Rapids-based BLiS Gourmet, which aged maple syrup in bourbon barrels from Kentucky. Similar BLiS barrels were used to make a maple syrup infused rye whiskey at Gray Skies Distillery, 700 Ottawa Ave. NW, which will release next week.

CBS originally started as an experiment when brewers put the same beer, an imperial version of Breakfast Stout that ultimately becomes KBS — another highly acclaimed Founders beer — in maple syrup barrels.

The finished product is loaded with maple syrup flavor along with roasted coffee and chocolate.

Additional Founders News

Founders opens its Detroit taproom on Monday. The taproom is in a 14,000-square-foot building in Cass Corridor, just a few blocks from the Masonic Temple and The Peterboro. The opening celebration will include a release of CBS.

The brewery announced its celebration of rare Founders beers, including plenty of barrel-aged offerings, Thursday as the 2018 Cellar Raid will take place Jan. 24-27.

*Photo courtesy of Founders

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