Mixing up brunch

Brewt’s bloody mary mixers are ready for your summer table.
Brewt's Bloody Caesar and Bloody Mary mix. Courtesy Hannah Ziegeler

In 2015, Emily Griffen decided to tackle a void in the beverage market. Griffen noticed a lack of all-natural, preservative-free bloody mary mixers on store shelves, so she set out to create the first.

“Bloody mary mixers were all filled with so much extra sodium and sugar,” explained Griffen. “I could only ever drink one, and when you are brunching what’s the fun in that!”

With a background in nutrition and health, Griffen decided to channel her knowledge into crafting a bloody mary recipe that was equally delicious and healthier than those already on the market.

From her Grand Rapids kitchen, Griffen created the Brewt’s Bloody Mary recipe, named after her pet chihuahua Brewtus. Brewt’s Bloody Mary mixer is now sold in over 1,800 locations across the Midwest.

“Our mission is to bring customers all natural, always handcrafted, premium food and beverage products,” said Griffen. “We are always brainstorming on the next product and how we can continue to expand our line of handcrafted goods.”

Most recently, Griffen said Brewt’s released a first-of-its-kind mixer to the market; the Brewt’s Bloody Caesar mix.

“The difference in our Bloody Mary and our Bloody Caesar is we replaced the beef stock in the Mary with fresh wild-caught clam stock in the Caesar, and we doubled the amount of lemons and limes giving the Caesar a really ocean-fresh flavor,” said Griffen. “There are really no other Caesar mixers on the market in Michigan right now, and we are doing it with all-natural, handcrafted fresh products.”

Brewt’s hot sauces Courtesy Hannah Ziegeler

Brewt’s also debuted its own line of hot sauces in late 2019. There are currently three sauces ranging in heat and flavor.

“By far, the bloody mary mix has always been our most popular product, but I think over time the hot sauces will really take over,” Griffen said. “They speak for themselves with their incredible flavor profiles.”

Brewt’s was eager to start a new partnership with the West Michigan Whitecaps this summer, serving its bloody mary mix at every concession stand and bar throughout the ballpark, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on those plans with the season postponed.

Brewt’s has continued to serve customers through the pandemic, however, by continuing to fulfill online orders and keeping local grocers’ shelves stocked with its products.

Visit brewtsmix.com.

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