Brooklyn-style bodega in GR

Owners bring authentic eatery downtown.
Photo by Bryan Esler

Bagels are seemingly all the rage nowadays in Grand Rapids.

From Bagel Kitchen in East Grand Rapids to Terra Bagels’ new downtown spot, there are some quality doughy nuggets around town. A new must-try quickie spot is Brooklyn Bodega Bagels & Deli, 10 Jefferson Ave. SE, owned by Myleka and Saaquan Jefferson.

While “bagels” is in the name, don’t be fooled. Walk in and you’ll be greeted by a giant Boar’s Head logo and the deli sandwich selection is top of the line.

A bodega is a usually small grocery store located in an urban area. There’s one on about every other corner in New York City.

Myleka Jefferson wanted to give her husband a piece of his hometown — he was born in Brooklyn — so she led the effort to bring a Brooklyn staple to Grand Rapids.

The breakfasts are particularly quick and scrumptious at Brooklyn Bodega Bagels & Deli. Everything is made in-house, including the large array of cream cheeses. The staff is on point, friendly and helpful, making sure each visit is enjoyable. It’s everything one might want out of a quick breakfast or lunch place in the downtown business district.

When there in the morning waiting for an order, it’s likely the words “Jersey Boy” will be whirling about. That’s for good reason. The sausage, egg and cheese creation on an everything bagel is a treat.

Wrapped in tinfoil, the breakfast sandwich is a great way to start day, whether that’s sitting on a park bench or running a tad late into that important board meeting.

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