Brewery Vivant brews Braille Pale Ale

Brewery Vivant Braille Pale Ale beer label partial

Brewery Vivant is working with a Grand Rapids arts group to raise awareness of disabilities.

Braille Pale Ale is the product of a collaboration between Brewery Vivant and SiTE:LAB for Project 1.

The Michigan farmhouse brew is intended to initiate conversations about inclusivity.

Braille text was put on the brew’s can labels through a layered spot-gloss technique. The label was created by Grand Rapids-based Not Design, and it was printed by Wyoming-based Middleton Printing.

Both the Braille on the front of the can and the text on the side of the can describe the beer, an “easy-drinking” pale ale with Michigan-grown Chinook and Centennial hops and 4.5% ABV.

Brewery Vivant says Braille Pale Ale is available at the brewpub and at the Project 1 installation at Tanglefoot in Grand Rapids, at 314 Straight Ave SW.

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