Five wines to pair

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Choosing a bottle of wine to take to the holiday party can be quite a headache. Here are some suggestions to make the beverage buying less stressful:

Jean-Jacques Auchere Sancerre
A beautiful sauvignon blanc from Sancerre in the Loire valley of France. It’s a great, dry wine with plenty of complimentary notes for a variety of plates during holiday feasts.

Banshee Pinot Noir
Pinot Noirs are a safe bet for holiday meals as they’re light and fairly soft with great fruit notes. Banshee is a fantastic option to try out with a hearty turkey dinner.

Wyncroft Chardonnay
A Michigan wine, Wyncroft chardonnay is an affordable bottle is a fresh bouquet of fruits, largely apples and pears. The wine is crisp and smooth, which goes along with many of the dishes that find their way to a holiday table.

Mawby Blanc
A great holiday party starts with a glass of bubbly, so why not make it a Michigan sparkles. While it is that optimal way to begin the party, a good flute of bubbles can also pair well with a feast, so feel free to keep it on the table.

Davis Estates Zephyr
From Napa Valley, the Davis Estates Zephyr features multiple Bordeaux grape varietals and goes big. That means it goes well with the big, bold and savory dishes that find their way to the table all throughout the holidays.

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