Grand Rapids skates to number eight

City ranks No. 8 on 2023’s Best Cities for Ice Skating list
Great Skate Winterfest Griffins player and child Rosa Parks Circle

Whether you enjoy figure skating, hockey, or speed skating, winter is the best time to bundle up and head to your local ice rink.

So, which of the 200 biggest U.S. cities have the most glorious opportunities to glide on ice?

Grand Rapids ranks number 8 behind Chicago (7th), Anchorage (6th), Minneapolis (5th), Pittsburg (4th), Boston (3rd), New York (2nd), with St. Paul, Minnesota taking the number one spot.

Some of the judging criteria included:

  • Number of Ice Skating Rinks – 9th
  • Number of Hockey Equipment Stores – 14th
  • Number of Beginner Ice Skating Programs – 97th
  • Holds Figure Skating Competitions – 1st
  • 10-Year Difference in Yearly Number of Very Cold Days – 4th

To find out more about the ranking, click here.

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