With New Album Lipstick Jodi Sets Out to Conquer Midwest


In the next year, Lipstick Jodi hopes to regularly play shows across the Midwest. In anticipation, the Grand Rapids-based band released its first full-length album and will celebrate its release with a live show on Thursday, Sept. 28 at The Stache, located inside of The Intersection.

The show will include a performance of the self-titled album in its entirety. Lipstick Jodi will be joined on the bill by two other local performers, Jes Kramer and likemelikeyou.

Lipstick Jodi has been gaining traction in Grand Rapids since forming just under two years ago.

You might have heard of them recently thanks to their new single “That’s So Great (She Likes Boys),” which was released earlier this year and gained some positive recognition locally.

Lipstick Jodi consists of founding members Karli Morehouse (guitarist and lead singer) and Luke Rockhold (drums/vocals) along with newer additions Camille Hoorn (bass) and Jamie Baarman (keys/vocals).

The band describes itself as the “lesbian lovechild of St. Vincent and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.”

With musical influences as varied as Fleetwood Mac and Prince to ‘90s rock to 2000s emo, each member brings her or his own sound and playing style to the band, creating its overall sound. They also follow a collaborative formula for song writing, which allows for their varied influences to shine through.

“Everyone brings themselves in and it ends up really natural,” Morehouse explained.

While “That’s So Great (She Likes Boys)” is not on the album it does set the stage a bit for what listeners will find on the 12-track album.

“The rest of the album does in theory follow suit as far as the synth and pop nature of the song,” said Hoorn. “In comparison to the EP, it’s got a little more poppy quality, but it’s a little less campy.”

Hoorn also noted the band worked with the same producer, Austin Ruhstorfer, on the single and the album, which was recorded at River City Studios in Grand Rapids.

Lipstick Jodi decided it was time to record a full length album for two reasons, first, the band had enough material, so why not, and second, the band hopes to score more gigs.

“We’ve built enough music up where we needed to release a full length album,” said Morehouse, who noted she’s been writing songs for the past three to four years now.

Baarman added, “We realized to move forward we need to get our music out there and the best way to do that is to record and get it distributed. It’s a good way to book shows, too. If you have an album you can send it to people, and you’re more likely to get gigs and bigger gigs.”

The band so far has played shows close to home, but with the new album it hopes to expand throughout Michigan, land some gigs in Chicago and get booked on a few tours and festivals across the Midwest.

Lipstick Jodi with special guests Jes Kramer and likemelikeyou plays on Sept. 28 at The Stache, 133 Grandville Ave SW. Tickets are $12 day of show and $10 in advance. Doors open at 7 p.m. and the show begins at 7:30 p.m.

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