Aladdin delights on opening night

Adi Roy stars in the title role in the North American tour of Disney's theatrical production of "Aladdin," directed by Thomas Schumacher.

The walls of DeVos Performance Hall echoed with the sound of laughter on Jan. 16 as Broadway GR’s presentation of Disney’s “Aladdin” rocked the stage opening night. Touted as one of the biggest new blockbusters of recent years, the hit musical based on the Academy Award-winning animated film did not disappoint. 

“Aladdin” follows the adventures of a poor young man in the fictitious city of Agrabah who enlists the help of a genie to help him with the heart of the Princess Jasmine, a story that has its roots in a collection of classic Arabic folktales known as “One Thousand and One Nights” (commonly referred to as Arabian Nights).

Like its animated counterpart, the show picked up pace when the character, “Genie”  appeared, and with a wildly energetic performance he stole the show and had the audience in stitches.

Marcus M Martin stars as “Genie.” Photo by Deen Van Meer for Disney.

Children and adults alike sat transfixed while the show’s four strong leads (amidst a backdrop of multiple talented cast, chorus and crew) bedazzled the audience. The elaborate production design was a feast for the eyes. The clever scene changes and near-constant motion of the characters kept the show moving at breakneck speed, while the laugh-a-minute dialog delivered comic relief. 

This newest incarnation of the timeless tale features songs from the Academy Award-winning soundtrack of the movie on which it was based as well as musical numbers written specifically for the stage.

This Broadway GR presentation was funny, fast-paced, and packed with exciting visuals and energetic performances, and one of the most eye-catching and elaborate sets ever to grace the DeVos Performance Hall stage. Clever production design coupled with flawless, funny performances culminated into a family friendly production that’s not to be missed.

The North American tour of the Disney Theatrical Productions show at DeVos Performance Hall is presented by Broadway GR stars Adi Roy as Aladdin, Marcus M. Martin as Genie, Senzel Ahmady as Jasmine, and Anand Nagraj as Jafar.

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