Falling in love with fall

fall leaves downtown Grand Rapids

A couple of months ago, we asked Grand Rapids Magazine readers, “What season is the best time to enjoy Grand Rapids?” The overwhelming response was fall.

While summer used to be my favorite season, I must admit, as I’ve gotten older, fall has won me over. I love watching the leaves change colors and treating myself to doughnuts and cider at my favorite apple orchard. I enjoy the bountiful fall dishes from Grand Rapids chefs and comparing Café Miels (forget pumpkin spice, this is my go-to fall drink) from the city’s coffee shops. There is no doubt fall is a great time to live in Grand Rapids. There are so many fall-related activities to enjoy. So, if you’re a fellow fall enthusiast, look at our list of 25 fall activities on p. 44 and enjoy Grand Rapids’ best season.

Fall also is the perfect time to visit some of the nearly 40 West Michigan breweries in the area. Since craft beer began its rapid ascent nearly two decades ago, the industry has boomed. Grand Rapids has seen Founders Brewing Co. reach all 50 states with its distribution, as well as score space on international taps. It’s been joined by so many great breweries, several of which have gained recognition nationally and scored top honors in the industry.

Grand Rapids’ beer scene also has been the catalyst for other businesses like Grand Rapids Beer Trolley and Great Lakes Pub Cruiser, which take beer lovers around town to enjoy not only the beer but the greater community. This month, we look at all things beer with our Brewery Guide starting on p. 28.

Another very cool article I’m eager to share with readers is “Pick up your prescription at the park.” I recently read about Park Rx America, a program teaming up with physicians to help get people outdoors to improve their health. So, I was excited to find out that this summer, Ottawa County partnered with Park Rx. You could very soon leave your doctor’s office with a prescription to a local park rather than a pharmacy. Check out the story on p. 15.

I hope you enjoy fall in Grand Rapids as much as I do!

Charlsie Dewey
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids Magazine

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