Rylee’s Ace Can Teach You How to Transform Your Home with Color

Alyssa Cairns, paint consultant for Rylee's Ace Hardware
Alyssa Cairns, paint consultant for Rylee's Ace Hardware

Is there a room you’ve been aching to repaint in your house but you just can’t decide on the color? You’re not alone. Choosing the wrong color is a common fear among DIY-ers.

That’s where Alyssa Turner Cairns and Rylee’s Ace Hardware can help. Cairns is a local home designer who offers color and design consulting every Tuesday evening from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Rylee’s Michigan Street location.

Cairns is happy to look at your color selections and help you narrow in on the right choice for whatever project you are working on. “Sometimes all you need is to be given some validation and confidence,” Cairns said. “Paint choices have never been greater and proper color coordination can make a room really come together and show off your furniture, rugs and art!”

Stock up on everything you'll need for your project at The Paint Studio at Rylee's Ace Hardware.
Stock up on everything you’ll need for your project at The Paint Studio at Rylee’s Ace Hardware.

Cairns is planning workshops at Rylee’s throughout the year to teach people how to confidently choose color and plan designs in every room of their home. In January, she’ll discuss undertones in white paint, and in February, she’ll be teaching about no-fail neutrals. Later in the year, Cairns will discuss patio design, using color in your kitchen and bathrooms, and designing kid-friendly spaces.

The Paint Studio at Rylee’s Ace is a one-stop shop. Stock up on everything you’ll need for painting, staining and finishing as well as the tools you’ll need to do a perfect job. If you are looking to match a specific color, Rylee’s can help you with that too.

“Bring in a sample of any color, paint or fabric and we can match it, giving you any color of paint you desire with the latest in color matching technology,” said Dan, manager of The Paint Studio at Rylee’s Ace. Rylee’s Ace also has an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor paint, primers, stains and finishes. And its associates will make sure you have the proper tools—brushes, rollers, tape, etc.—so your painting project will be as easy as can be.

Alyssa Cairns can help you choose the right color for any paint project your tackling.
Alyssa Cairns can help you choose the right color for any paint project your tackling.

Tips from Alyssa Turner Cairns:

  • Start by putting together a collection of images you love. Pinterest and Google image search are great tools for this. Narrow your inspiration images down to the top five, and then pay attention to the wall colors in those rooms—that is the perfect starting point.
  • Go neutral and add in the brighter accent colors to the room with pillows, accessories and other items. That way, if you want to change the color palette of the room, it’s as simple as swapping out décor.
  • Make a choice between light and dark. Medium colors can eat up the light in a room and make it feel smaller. Light walls reflect light and are an excellent backdrop for the furnishings and decor that you plan to bring into the space. At the same time, dark walls are a beautiful statement and can create a very formal or cozy atmosphere, depending on the room.
  • Consider the type of living that you’ll be doing in the room when choosing a paint finish, as well as the texture and/or condition of the walls. Even if the color is perfect, a matte finish is not designed for a moisture-filled bathroom or a busy kitchen—it will show every spot of water or oil and not wipe off easily. Likewise, a paint that is too shiny will reflect light, show every imperfection in the wall surface and make the room feel smaller by drawing attention to the walls.


The Paint Studio at Rylee’s Ace is open seven days a week Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For extra Color Consulting support, visit Cairns in The Paint Studio at the Michigan St. location Tuesdays from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 pm.

*Photos courtesy of Rylee’s Ace Hardware

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