Survey reveals nearly 2 in 3 Michiganders plan on summer staycation

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According to, a biotechnological product distribution company, 64% of Michiganders say they are more likely to vacation locally to avoid traveling by plane and to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

The survey asked 7,500 adults across the country about their summer vacation plans. Utah residents were most likely to partake in a staycation, as 85% said they plan to vacation locally. The national average was 55% planning to take a staycation.

The survey noted smaller businesses, such as restaurants and those in the tourism industry, have suffered severely due to lockdown as they are less likely to have had financial backup systems in place than larger franchises. Eighteen percent of respondents are looking on the bright side and say that the pandemic will turn out to be a boost for their state’s local tourism industry, as people will be less willing to travel further by plane.

For many Americans, however, the economic strain caused by the pandemic means they kicked their saving habits into gear to recover, according to the survey, as 71% of people say there is a chance they will skip summer vacation this year to save money.

Those who can afford to travel are even willing to spend the extra dollars to reduce their risk of contracting the virus. The survey noted more than a quarter (28%) of respondents say that they would be prepared to pay more for vacation accommodation if it meant there would be a lower occupancy, thus reducing COVID-19 risks.

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