Visitor’s Guide Shows Off Downtown Grand Rapids

Photo courtesy of Experience Grand Rapids.
Photo courtesy of Experience Grand Rapids.

If you have friends coming for a visit or colleagues from out of state in town for the week, there’s a visitor’s guide available to help them see all that Grand Rapids has to offer.

Experience Grand Rapids offers a pocketbook-sized guide to the city as well as an online version.

The guide includes lists of Grand Rapids attractions, restaurants and breweries, family activities, tours and experiences, beaches, sports teams, shopping, music, and more.

Even if you’re a native Grand Rapidian, the guide can be a fun way to broaden your views of the city and enjoy a restaurant or activity you’ve always wanted to try but tend to forget about because “maybe I’ll do it next weekend.”

Guides can be found at Grand Rapids area hotels, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport visitor center, and the welcome center located in the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Guides can also be requested through the Experience Grand Rapids website.

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