Grand Rapids HOAs rated fourth best in the country

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An analysis of Yelp data put Grand Rapids near the top on a list of the nation’s best homeowners’ associations.

Regional Foundation Repair, which interacts with homeowners’ associations (HOAs) during foundation repair projects, recently compiled a list, Cities with the Best and Worst Rated HOAs, and Grand Rapids was ranked at No. 4 among the nation’s top eight metropolitan areas with a five-star rating from Yelp users.

“Reviews from these cities include reports of the HOA going above and beyond with maintenance, having excellent response times, educating homeowners on rules and the reasons for regulations, and maintaining a minimal amount of paperwork for moving, hosting parties and exterior décor,” the report said.

“Many of the reviews we read from residents of these cities mention that the homeowners have dealt with other HOAs in the past, so they have experience with what an HOA shouldn’t be, and now, what it should.”


To get the most extensive data set for this study, Regional Foundation Repair pulled all the relevant data it could find from Yelp, including the number of registered homeowners’ associations in each state and in each major metropolitan area throughout the U.S.

The business then read thousands of reviews and compared overall HOA impressions out of five stars, as well as individual positive, negative and neutral reviews to see what homeowners had to say about their HOAs.

By comparing the two data sets, the business concluded which states and metropolitan areas offer the best chance of living in a top-rated HOA. The population and concentration of HOAs was considered to control for negative reviews in areas with more HOAs and other potential data pitfalls.

Top HOAs (five stars)

  • Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Fresno, California
  • Frisco, Texas
  • Grand Rapids
  • Indianapolis
  • Modesto, California
  • New Orleans
  • Newark, New Jersey

Bottom HOAs (below two stars)

  • Colorado Springs, Colorado — 1.38
  • Plano, Texas — 1.38
  • Austin, Texas — 1.43
  • Fremont, California — 1.50
  • Hayward, California — 1.50
  • Minneapolis — 1.50
  • Tucson, Arizona — 1.50
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida — 1.67

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