City authorizes $9.6 million for community development

A new Boston Square Community Hub that includes a Corewell Health Partnership is one of many recipients of the $9.6 in community development funds.Courtesy art.

The Grand Rapids City Commission met on Tuesday, April  25, and agreed to authorize distribution of $9,627,788 from various federal funding sources to achieve outcomes included in two plans administered by the Community Development Department.

 “I thank all who are stepping up to provide these much-needed services. Together, we are assisting our neighbors and improving the quality of life in Grand Rapids,” said Connie Bohatch, senior managing director of community services.

The funding allocated was for projects and activities that support the Neighborhood Investment Plan and the HOME-American Rescue Plan Allocation Plan* (see below) for fiscal year 2024 and for the third year of a 2021-2024 Regional Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan that was adopted by the City Commission on February 9, 2021.

Much of the grant funding made available will benefit qualifying individuals and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or in other vulnerable populations. Activities include development and support of affordable housing and supportive services (including rental assistance that does not exceed 24 months).

The final award includes all previous recommended projects and programs with one exception: Due to changes in the scope and timeline, $600,000 recommended for the United Methodist Community House 900 project was allocated to the ICCF Nonprofit Housing Corporation Seymour Condominiums project. The ICCF project involves the adaptive reuse of the former Seymour Christian School building and the construction of an addition to create 27 condominiums at 2550 Eastern Avenue, SE. It includes 14 condominium units that will be sold to households with income at or below 80% of the area median income. 

“The amount of federal funding appropriated from a variety of sources this year will help meet the needs of our low-income and unhoused populations,” Bohatch said. 

The funding will be allocated as follows: 

Amplify GR: Boston Square Together I F3:      $400,000
Baxter Neighborhood Association: Public Safety      $40,300
City of Grand Rapids Community Development:
              Code Enforcement      $1,368,688
              Housing Rehabilitation      $850,000
              Coordinated Entry Set-Aside      $60,000
Community Rebuilders: Tenant-Based Rental Assistance      $403,545
Creston Neighborhood Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $18,800
              Public Safety      $21,600
Disability Advocates of Kent County:  Accessible Housing Services      $25,000
Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids Nonprofit Housing Corporation:
              21 Weston      $300,000
              Verne Barry Place      $400,000
East Hills Council of Neighbors:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $17,800
              Public Safety      $20,400
Eastown Community Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $15,800
              Public Safety      $18,000
Fair Housing Center of West Michigan: Fair Housing Services      $75,000
Family Outreach Center: Expanded Outpatient Program      $80,000
Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $26,500
              Public Safety      $30,500
Grand Rapids Housing Commission: Hope Community      $500,000
Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project: Minor Home Repair      $225,000
Grand Rapids Urban League:
              Homelessness Prevention      $120,000
              Housing and Economic Opportunity      $45,000
Habitat for Humanity of Kent County:  Acquisition, Development and Resale      $200,000
Heritage Hill Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $22,200
              Public Safety      $25,500
Hispanic Center of Western Michigan: Youth Employment Initiative      $50,000
Home Repair Services of Kent County:
              Access Modifications      $100,000
              Minor Home Repair      $514,088
ICCF Nonprofit Housing Corporation:
              Seymour Condominiums      $600,000
              Acquisition, Development and Resale      $200,000
Legal Aid of Western Michigan:
              Housing Legal Assistance      $75,000
LINC Up Nonprofit Housing Corporation:
              MoTown Square Affordable Assisted Living      $380,000              Acquisition, Development and Resale      $200,000
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $54,200
Midtown Neighborhood Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $19,200
              Public Safety      $22,100
Neighbors of Belknap Lookout:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $16,500
              Public Safety      $19,000
New Development Corporation:
              CHDO Operating Support      $22,000
              Acquisition, Development and Resale      $200,000
Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services:  Street Outreach      $100,000
Roosevelt Park Neighborhood Association:
              Leadership and Civic Engagement       $25,900
              Public Safety      $29,800
Seeds of Promise:  Public Safety      $47,400
South West Area Neighbors (dba John Ball Area Neighbors):
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $24,100
              Public Safety      $27,700
Steepletown Neighborhood Services: JobStart      $50,000
The Salvation Army:  Rapid Re-housing      $302,753
West Grand Neighborhood Organization
              Leadership and Civic Engagement      $27,600
              Public Safety      $27,600
West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology:  Adult Career Training Program      $25,000
Women’s Resource Center:  New Beginnings      $25,000
 Total Project Funds      $8,494,574

Administration  of CDBG, HOME, ESG, JAG
City of Grand Rapids Community Development:
              CDBG Administration      $$ 886,780
              HOME Administration      $175,628
              ESG Administration      $24,548
              JAG Administration      $16,258
Heart of West Michigan United Way:
              Essential Needs Task Force      $10,000
              Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness      $20,000
Total Administrative Funds      $1,133,214

Total Funding      $9,627,788

*The FY 2024 Neighborhood Investment Plan is used to allocate Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnerships, Emergency Solutions Grants and Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program funds. Neighborhood Investment Plan recommendations constitute the City’s FY 2024 Housing and Community Development Annual Action Plan activities which serves as the application for the CDBG, HOME, and ESG programs. The HOME Investment Partnerships – American Rescue Plan Allocation Plan is used to allocate supplemental funding authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. 




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