Zoo to raise awareness of pollution through sculptures


A local zoo will be educating the public about plastic pollution through a new exhibit.

The “Washed Ashore” exhibit will be on display starting Friday, April 1, at John Ball Zoo at 1300 W. Fulton St. in Grand Rapids.

The exhibit will feature 16 large sea life sculptures made from plastic debris collected from over 300 miles of beaches.

The 60,000-pound plastic sculptures are made to shine a light on plastic pollution in the oceans and waterways and educate the community about conservation and sustainability.

“Art is an important part of our West Michigan community, and we are using art to inspire our guests to understand how plastic pollution affects our wildlife,” said Peter D’Arienzo, CEO, John Ball Zoo. “’Washed Ashore’ not only aligns perfectly with our mission, but it also tells a beautiful story that our guests can enjoy.”

More information is here.

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