Survey: 55% of Michigan residents say they would seek medication over therapy

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A survey conducted by shows 55% of Michigan residents say they would prefer taking antidepressants over seeing a therapist when facing a decrease in their mental health., a provider of treatment resources relating to addiction rehabilitation, surveyed 4,150 people in February and found the number of prescriptions written increased by 34.1% for anti-anxiety medications and 18.6% for antidepressant medications.

On a national scale, 44% of survey participants said they would seek medication over therapy. Of the female participants, 47% said they were more likely to choose medication, compared to 41% of male participants.

Of those who struggled emotionally during the pandemic, 17% said the idea of seeking therapy intimidates them, 43% said they would be put off by therapy sessions that are not in person and 76% said they have a trusted family member or friend who they would feel comfortable reaching out to for help.

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