Porcupine finds new home at Blandford Nature Center

Visitors had a chance to see Quillber for the first time last week at Blandford Nature Center. Courtesy Blandford Nature Center

Blandford Nature Center now has a new baby North American porcupine named Quillber in its midst.

Visitors had a chance to see the new addition for the first time last week at the Blandford’s Sun & Fun Summer members-only event, held at Blandford Nature Center, located at 1715 Hillburn Ave. NW in Grand Rapids.

The nature center adopted Quillber after a Mount Pleasant resident called the Michigan Department of Natural Resources when they found the baby porcupine behind their shed. Since its mother did not return to take it back to its natural habitat, Quillber was brought to a local wildlife rehabilitator and veterinarian, Cathy Lindstrand.

The baby porcupine became a nonreleasable imprint because he was not able to interact with an adult porcupine who could foster him or with other juvenile porcupines during his care, and as a result, it was not able to learn things like foraging and how to find winter shelter.

Therefore, Quillber will remain a permanent member of the Wildlife Ambassador family at Blandford Nature Center.

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