Raising the bar

Entertain at home with a high-end bar.

Thanks to COVID-19, many people are doing the majority of their drinking at home with a small group of friends or family to stay safe. With more at-home entertaining taking place, creating a full-scale bar experience is of growing importance.

That means top-end appliances, varied lighting, a space that functions for different types of entertainment needs and a stylish design that flows with the rest of the home.

“At Fuchsia Design, we are seeing a huge increase in the appliances incorporated into home bars,” said Autumn Fuchs, owner of Fuchsia Design.

Fuchs said those appliances include dishwashers, which she said can be integrated into the design by adding a cabinet panel. “Have your cabinet maker build a panel for the front and it will blend right into your cabinetry,” she said.

Fuchsia Design created the above space as the “ultimate man cave.”


Whether your home bar is big or small, there are a lot of little tools used in mixology. Utensil and silverware drawer organizers can easily be incorporated into new or existing drawers to keep all of your tools organized.

Securing a built-in bottle opener to the end of the bar is a fun touch, so guests always have quick access to open their own drinks.

An undercounter trash pullout with two bins for trash and recycling makes clean up and sorting easier at the end of the night.


Home bars are the perfect spot to be unique and edgy. Bold artwork or refinishing cabinetry to a fresh, fun color can make a huge impact on the space, while cabinetry inserts and organizers can all be added to make it more functional and tailored to your needs.

Open shelving

Another big trend is homeowners who want to openly display their wine and liquor collections. As a result, we are incorporating more and more open shelving and glass-front cabinetry.

If you’re choosing to store wineglasses on open shelving, be sure to incorporate wine glass racks so they can hang upside down and avoid dust.


Lighting layers can have a huge impact on the feeling of your space. Decorative lighting, dimmable overhead lights, in-cabinet lighting, accent LED lighting in shelving and under cabinet lighting create different dramatic scenes depending on the time of day and type of entertaining you’re doing.

Other appliances on the rise are undercounter ice-makers, wine coolers with multiple temperature zones for different types of wine and a microwave for movie night popcorn.

Fuchsia Design created this space as the “ultimate man cave.”

“Nicknamed ‘the barn,’ it was built separately from the home and served as a hangout space for the husband,” Fuchs said. “As an avid hunter, the barn served as the perfect spot for the homeowner to display all of his taxidermy — especially if you ask his wife! Aside from the bar, we were able to incorporate a great entertainment area with two 75-inch TVs, a home office, a large storage space and a snakeskin half bath.”

Several design elements help emphasize the collection of wines and liquors, making them a focal point. “We integrated LED up-lighting into the open walnut shelves for a theatrical effect and to draw your attention to the liquors on display. There are built-in red wine cubbies behind the peninsula along with a beverage cooler, wine cooler and ice maker — all of which make beverage storing and preparation a breeze.”

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