Bedroom bliss

Dreamy details for the most personal room in the home.

Designing a beautiful bedroom will produce benefits far beyond the visual appeal. We all know getting good sleep is important and having a bedroom we love to relax in helps us wind down and shift into nighttime mode. General lighting should be dimmable, with reading lamps available, soft linens, colors that you find soothing, and don’t forget the sound machine!

Perhaps you love the look of a low modern bed or a canopy frame with fabric, either way your bedroom should be a relaxing, comfortable, stylish and functional retreat.

100% Down Duvet
Nothing feels better than a down duvet on a cold night. Change out the covers for a new look or go for all white, which is always classic.

Custom Pillows
Handmade pillows create the ability to customize your bed in unlimited ways. The choices of trims, fabrics and shapes come together to create a room that looks well-appointed. Keeping it simple with two larger Euro size pillows is easier to maintain and a more current approach.

Natural Textures
Bring the outside in with a natural-looking textural floor covering. This is a flat weave carpet, which works well for layering rugs on top of it. A cozy look and feel!

Original Art
Original art by Grand Rapids-based artist Ray Anne Barker above the bed. Original art adds a layer of texture and love to a home like nothing else can. The abstract nature of these pieces juxtaposes the traditional form of the metal canopy bed.

Antique Bedside Tables
Using vintage furniture adds depth and longevity to a home. These Italian bedside tables were purchased through Charish, the rich inlaid walnut and antique brass hardware show the quality of carefully crafted handmade furniture.

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