Add personality to your walls

Wallpaper could be your home’s missing design element.

When it comes to adding personality to your home, wallpaper offers nearly endless possibilities. Every color, style or mood can be interpreted on your walls, so why not try it? Finding joy in your home is essential. Don’t hesitate to add style and make it unique. Wallpaper is not bound by a specific design style; modern, traditional, eclectic, casual, it fits every aesthetic. Layering texture into a home makes it truly remarkable and memorable.

When considering wallpaper, make sure to think through the adjacent rooms and how one space flows into the other. It is fun to experience a home in different ways as you move through it, but there should be a language that feels similar. Moving from an all-white room into a dark taupe wallpapered bedroom might be the sense of calm and serenity you need at the end of the day. Wallpaper can support our emotions as we look to relax — or get energized.

Patterned wallpaper that reflects nature is one of the most common themes, and in Michigan we have an inherent love of our natural surroundings. Our lakes, rivers, forests and wildflowers can be brought inside to our walls, but the interpretation does not need to be literal. In this kids bath (right) we used a wallpaper that mimics water, in an abstract way, to bring the outside in and add color and depth.

Wallpaper is made in a variety of ways, which accounts for the variety of price points. Hand blocked, hand painted, machine printed or flock wallpaper, each creates a different look and feel once installed. The word wallpaper can be misleading, as many materials are used to create the modern day material. From silk to washable vinyl, to incorporating organic elements like shells and metals, materials in modern day wallpapers are diverse.

Wallpaper can support our emotions as we look to relax — or get energized.

Social media and new printing technologies have made it possible for artists to break into the wallpaper market. It’s a joy to connect with small artisans from all over the world and incorporate their craft into the design process. This has opened up a world of options for patterns and styles, which are practically endless.

Using wallpaper in your home elevates the aesthetic and helps set the tone for your home, but it doesn’t have to be up forever. Removing modern day wallpaper is easier than it used to be, so don’t be afraid to change it up. Any room in the house can take wallpaper, but if you are looking to get started and haven’t had it installed in your home recently, try using it in the powder bath or a guest room. Leave the doors to those rooms open and enjoy the pop of texture or color as you pass by. You might find yourself drawn to the energy it brings to your home.

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