Get A Deal: Boutique Expands With Sale Loft

WAR Chest Boutique opens Sale Loft.
WAR Chest Boutique opens Sale Loft.

Shoppers at a popular women’s boutique in Rockford will now be able to score items at a deal of up to 60 percent off.

The WAR Chest Boutique, 25 Squires St. Square, has expanded its retail shop by opening up space on its second level that will serve as the Sale Loft. All items located in the Sale Loft will be sold at a markdown of up to 60 percent off.

Kelly Angle, WAR Chest Boutique senior retail manager, explained that War Chest Boutique typically refrained from putting items on sale, but recently decided to do so as part of its plans to decrease product lifecycles on its retail floor.

“In the past, we typically did not mark our product down,” Angle said. “The items we sell are purchased from women to support the work of their hands. We do, however, pay our artisans up front. What this means is any product we mark down is a cost that we are incurring at our organization.

“We want to continue purchasing and supporting our current artisans as well as new ones. To do this, we have created successful processes to develop shorter product life-cycles.”

WAR Chest Boutique offers hundreds of items, including clothing, jewelry, scarves, soaps and more, produced by at-risk men, women and children from 40 different countries through its affiliation with nonprofit Women At Risk, International (WAR International).

“We purposefully seek out holistic programs that are deeply interested in the care of wounded men, women and children,” Angle said. “We look for partnerships that desire to restore the whole person, offering job skills, counseling, a safe place to sleep, and more, all in one program.

“The communities that are employed by the organizations we come alongside are either at-risk of being trafficked or exploited in some way, or they’ve been trafficked and exploited and need safety away from the sex industry.

“Our partners overseas, and even those who produce product in the United States, have become safe havens of hope for those who desperately need love and encouragement.”

WAR, International uses all profits from the products sold for preventative programs, curative projects and supportive services for those who have experienced trauma and exploitation.

To celebrate the opening of the Sale Loft, WAR Chest Boutique is hosting a grand opening party on Friday, Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. The first 50 people at the grand opening event will receive a gift with their purchase.

*Photo courtesy of War Chest Boutique

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