Fluresh hosting 4/20 drive-thru celebration

Fluresh provisioning center Courtesy Fluresh

Fluresh is celebrating 4/20 with a drive-thru event from Saturday through Tuesday at the company’s provisioning center.

Fluresh, 1213 Phillips Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, has partnered with 12 licensed local vendors to provide consumers with deals, samples, merchandise and more. Cars will snake through the parking lot visiting different brands’ tents to pick up branded swag, samples and more. Customers also will be able to participate in raffles and giveaways and purchase discounted products.

Participating vendors include Redbud Roots, Grown Rogue, Sarah Jane, Pincanna, High Life, Choice, Fireball, C3 – Cloud Cover, Cresco, Common Citizen, Select, Exclusive and more.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Fluresh has transitioned operations to be 100% curbside and delivery moving forward. The 4/20 celebration is designed to maintain health and safety protocols while maximizing the customer’s experience.

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