Gun Lake Casino helps fire department with new equipment

The EFORCE 17c-SL3 combination cutter and spreader will allow Wayland firefighters to perform forced entries they previously couldn’t with larger devices. Courtesy Gun Lake Casino

The Wayland Fire Department will purchase a new extrication tool after receiving financial donations from the Gun Lake Tribe and Gun Lake Casino.

The fire department will purchase an EFORCE 17c-SL3 combination cutter and spreader, a small, battery operated cutter that can be placed on the department’s off-road vehicle.

Wayland firefighters will be trained and certified to use the EFORCE 17c-SL3 combination cutter and spreader in emergencies. The compact equipment will allow Wayland’s firefighters to perform different types of forced entry, vehicle extrication and farm-related emergencies that it couldn’t with larger cutters.

“(Having) this tool is huge. It makes the job so much easier,” said Wayland Fire Department Chief Jim Stoddard. “We just appreciate being able to help people out, and we really appreciate the tribe and casino helping us out with things like this.”

Prior to the donations, the Wayland Fire Department only used a hydraulic extrication tool, which had to be tethered to a truck and made off-road farm equipment accidents less accessible.

“Gun Lake Casino is committed to helping our local first responders and departments in any way possible,” said Gun Lake Casino President and COO Sal Semola. “The donation of funds for this tool further exemplifies our dedication to making our local community a safer place.”

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