Eat More Cake Celebrates All Bodies

Eat More Cake event celebrates women of all body types.
Eat More Cake event celebrates women of all body types.

Grab your sexy black stilettos, put on your favorite dangly earrings, or get dolled up with a dramatic cat eye. Eat More Cake, the successor to Let Them Eat Cake and a body positivity experience designed to make women feel empowered, will be making a second appearance in Grand Rapids on Jan. 18 at Mod Bettie Portraits.

Latesha Lipscomb, tastemaker, style guru and founder of Let Them Eat Cake, is proud to bring the event back to Grand Rapids and help women explore their confidence, beauty and power. “I take what I do very seriously because when you’re standing up in front of women who come to a space to share how vulnerable that they are and to be honest about some things that they wouldn’t share with anybody else, that’s a responsibility,” she said.

“I take it very seriously when I am helping to craft how a woman sees herself. I want a woman to see herself through my eyes and to know that she is beautiful, powerful, amazing, phenomenal and strong––irrespective of what society tells her.”

The passion project was born from Lipscomb’s desire to fill a need for women in Grand Rapids and her experience with boudoir photography. “I have been in Boston, New York and Chicago and in all those bigger cities you see platforms for young professionals, you see platforms that empower women, you see all of those things, and none of that exists here,” she said.

“Everybody’s talking about it everywhere else, but nobody was creating a platform or creating a space where we could have a conversation here. So, I decided I wanted to be the change that I wanted to see in the community and that’s why I started doing events for this niche for women.”

Latisha Lipscomb at the Let Them Eat Cake event.
Latisha Lipscomb at the Let Them Eat Cake event.

Having had an interest in boudoir photography, Lipscomb decided to do a photoshoot with Elise Kutt––owner and photographer at Mod Bettie Portraits.

“I just wanted to take a walk on the wild side and experience her photography,” Lipscomb said. “She made me feel so comfortable and everything went so well. The images were so great that I wanted to spread this feeling that I had to other women in the community and encourage them because you can have curves and you can still be sexy and confident.”

The duo put their heads, resources and talents together and hosted Let Them Eat Cake in June of 2017.

“It was Latesha’s brainchild,” Kutt said. “Being the event planner she is it was a really good fit because I have the space and so it kind of made sense. We sold out and had a room full of 70-plus women, and we did the panel discussion and opened it up to a conversation with the group and it was just really successful,” she continued.

“And then my inbox––and I know hers too––after that just flooded with ‘Can we do this, can we do that, when’s the next one, we want to be part of it.’”

In the spirit of last year’s event, Eat More Cake will feature cocktails and desserts, pop-up shops, a photo booth, a panel and other opportunities for women to have fun and be fabulous.

Mod Bettie studio
Mod Bettie studio

Wondering what you should wear? Dress up or dress down––whatever makes you feel like you.

“If you are a yoga pants and workout shirt mom, show up and do that thing!” Kutt exclaimed. “Some of the women really get into it, being that we specialize in vintage pinup. They got all decked out in their gorgeous dresses and showed up.”

Your look can be as simple as incorporating your favorite color or that glamorous new necklace you’ve been dying to debut.

“We want the ladies to come in the door already feeling good, if not great about themselves,” Lipscomb said. “Sometimes clothing, accessories, makeup––those are all of the things that can aid you in feeling more beautiful. At the very same time, it gives all of the rest of the participants an opportunity to experience your own definition of personal beauty and style.”

Let Them Eat Cake was a huge success.
Let Them Eat Cake was a huge success.

Eat More Cake may be an opportunity to network, shop and enjoy a judgment-free environment, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an opportunity to discover what makes you feel beautiful.

“Body positivity means so many different things to so many different women,” Kutt said. “I think some women don’t even have a definition of that for themselves. They come in and they are surrounded by support and love,” she continued. “And then hopefully will find the words when they leave to explain what that means to them.”

Eat More Cake takes place Thursday, Jan. 18 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Mod Bettie, 1111 Godfrey Ave. SW. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite.

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