Apparel company launches online storefront for medical professionals

The Right Scrubs specializes in nursing, dental, pediatric and physical therapy scrubs, among others.Courtesy The Right Scrubs

The founders of Professional Apparel Company announced the launch of a new e-commerce site for medical uniforms, The Right Scrubs.

Using experience gained in over 30 years of providing uniforms for the medical industry, The Right Scrubs makes online purchases of clinical scrubs easy and efficient, regardless of whether the purchaser is buying for themselves or their whole team.

“We used our experience with veterinarians and medical professionals to identify and solve pain points related to uniform and scrubs shopping,” said Sharon VanVranken, CEO of The Right Scrubs and founder of Professional Apparel Company. “At launch, our intention was to offer a wide variety of scrubs that are easy to purchase online, backed with our personal, friendly and knowledgeable customer support team located in Battle Creek, Michigan. While the storefront’s technology is leading edge, there’s nothing that can replace the personal touch when it comes to making sure every order is accurate and every customer is delighted.”

The Right Scrubs said it traditionally has been difficult to order scrubs that are uniform in style, design and color that fit all the requirements of different roles in a medical office. From the front desk to the lab, a business wants a professional image, but the roles require different functioning materials. The Right Scrubs helps teams achieve both uniformity and uniqueness, specializing in nursing, dental, pediatric and physical therapy scrubs, among others.

The Right Scrubs online store is built with established and growing businesses in mind. As customers expand their practices, they can use the site to store employee information — size, role, past orders, etc. — making it easy to re-order new and matching scrubs or to onboard new employees in the same fashion as the rest of the team.

The group order buyer or head of purchasing no longer needs to keep one-off spreadsheets to try to remember what was ordered in the past. Additionally, if someone is purchasing scrubs for a whole office for the first time, they can order a sizing sample from The Right Scrubs, which allows the team members to try them on in the comfort of their own home or office before placing any final orders.

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