Vote for the Whitecaps’ Next ‘Culinary Delight’

West Michigan Whitecaps Beercheese Poutine

The West Michigan Whitecaps’ Fan Food Vote has begun.

The team’s 10th-annual contest runs today through March 8 to determine Fifth Third Ballpark’s “next culinary delight.”

The Whitecaps said the list has been narrowed down from “several hundred” ideas submitted by fans last month and “dozens” of ideas coming out of the Gordon Food Service test kitchen.

You can vote through the Whitecaps’ website.

The winner will be announced in March.

The 10 finalists

River Rascal: peanuts and Cracker Jack on a hot dog with peanut butter and no-bean chili, topped with crunchy pickles.

Tidal Wave: vanilla ice cream coated in Fruity Pebbles and rolled burrito style in blue cotton candy.

Oinkurrito: braised pork topped with bacon and cheddar mac ’n’ cheese and rolled into a 12-inch flour tortilla.

Marge’s Donut Sundae: donuts with vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate syrups, M&Ms, sprinkles and whipped cream on top.

Deep Fried Jellybeans: “Even people who avoid the black jelly beans will be delighted.”

Unicorn Popcorn: a cup of cotton candy mixed with rainbow Dippin’ Dots and rainbow popcorn.

Fried Tequickles: pickles that are deep fried and served with a tequila mango sauce.

Twinkie the Pig: Twinkies wrapped in bacon and fried.

Cow-A-Bunga Burger: cheeseburger topped with SPAM, bacon and pineapple.

Rocky Balburrito: cheesesteak rolled into a burrito with cheese, onions and green peppers that are then deep fried.

Photo: Beercheese Poutine, the 2017 Fan Food Vote winner. Via

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