Owner closing Wikiwiki Poke Shop

Photo via Facebook.com

A fast-casual seafood bowl restaurant in Grand Rapids’ Wealthy Street neighborhood will close next month.

Keith Allard, owner of Wikiwiki Poke Shop at 1146 Wealthy St. SE in Grand Rapids, said in a Facebook post last week he will be closing the restaurant within the next month.

“The bad news is that Wikiwiki is closing. Yes, for real. The good news is that we’re going to keep things going for one last month, so you have a final chance to grab your favorite bowls from our menu of classics,” Allard said in the post.

Wikiwiki Poke Shop opened in late 2017. Allard cited the current economic environment as the reason for the closure.

“…The cumulative effect (of COVID-19 and the economy) is that every day we move a little farther away from the wild, creative atmosphere that motivated me to start Wikiwiki,” he said in the post. “This is not a result of a lack of support, as you folks have been tremendous. I simply fear that continuing in this current economic environment will result in these products ceasing to resemble the benchmark for quality I’ve tried to exceed for five years.”

Allard thanked customers for the memories and their support.

“Many have asked what is next,” he said. “A nap is certainly in the plans, but after that there will be a Wikiwiki-sized hole in my heart and schedule, and if you’ve got a project you think my talents might be able to add value to, let’s chat.”

More details are on Facebook.

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