Grand Rapids Restaurants Featured on Travel Channel

Grand Rapids Brewing Company's 1-800-Hot-Line-Beef
Grand Rapids Brewing Company's 1-800-Hot-Line-Beef

A pair of Grand Rapids restaurants are being featured on the Travel Channel on Monday, Feb. 12, and both establishments are hosting launch parties to celebrate their turn in the spotlight.

Beltline Bar

Ask where to go in Grand Rapids for a burrito and the Beltline Bar will likely be among the first responses you receive.

The Mexican cantina, which opened in 1953, is known far and wide for its creation of the wet burrito. Recently, the Travel Channel came to town to try out this “world famous” menu staple as part of its Man v. Food series.

Beltline Bar is the birthplace of the wet burrito.
Beltline Bar is the birthplace of the wet burrito.

To celebrate, Beltline Bar, 16 28th St. SE, is hosting a watch party that evening, with happy hour pricing all night as well as $4.99 wet burritos and $3.99 house margaritas. The watch party is free to attend.

Beltline Bar said since creating the wet burrito, it’s sold over five million of them.

Jeff Lobdell, Beltline Bar owner, said the restaurant was “very excited” to be featured on the Travel Channel. “The day we spent with Casey Webb and his crew was so much fun and we can’t wait to see the episode. Beltline Bar is honored to be part of a show that spotlights our historic restaurant and the city of Grand Rapids.”

Grand Rapids Brewing Company

The Travel Channel also paid a visit to Grand Rapids Brewing Company (GRBC) when it was in town last November to test out its 1-800-HOTLINE-BEEF.

The sandwich consists of thinly sliced, slow-cooked roast beef, pepper-jack cheese sauce, pepper bacon, haystack onions, cowboy candied jalapeños and horseradish aioli on a Nantucket Baking Company onion poppy seed bun.

GRBC is also hosting a viewing party so everyone can watch Casey Webb go “toe-to-toe with our monster sandwich.”

GRBC is offering happy-hour pricing from 8 p.m. to close.

The episode will air on the Travel Channel on Monday, Feb. 12 at 9 p.m.

*Photos courtesy of Beltline Bar and Grand Rapids Brewing Company

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