8 Rainy Day Comfort Foods To Cheer You Up During Spring

Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop
Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop

Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop

April showers (or snow?!) bring May flowers — but when you live in Grand Rapids, it can feel like the May flowers will never come. To cheer up your gray spring days, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite comfort foods. From mac and cheese to cookies, waffles to soup — by the time you eat your way through the list, you’ll be ready for our long-awaited summer.

Uncle Cheetah’s / Auntie Cheetah’s soups

Nothing is cozier than warming up over a bowl of the best soup in town. Visit Uncle Cheetah’s on Wealthy or Auntie Cheetah’s on Eastern for a delightful pick-me-up soup. Their menu changes regularly, so check their social channels for the latest menu. We saw they’re serving up tomato saffron soup and lobster bisque and we have only three words: On. Our. Way.

Madcap Coffee’s Belgian waffles


What used to be an auto body shop has been converted into a modern, minimalistic cafe for Grand Rapids’ famed coffee roaster. It’s a great place to watch the rain drizzle while drinking a steaming cup of Madcap’s Six One Six blend and digging into your tasty Belgian waffle. The secret is the pearl sugar that’s caramelized inside of the waffle, which offers delightful bursts of sweetness. Trust us, choose the waffle with seasonal fruit topping — the fruit is sourced from Fulton Street Farmers Market and adds a tangy touch that’ll give your tastebuds a quick peek of summer sunshine.

Social Kitchen’s French fries

Have you ever been craving french fries? Not just any french fries . . . we’re talking Social Kitchen’s fresh-cut french fries. Hot from the fryer and paired with their crispy brussels sprouts – if that’s not 2018 comfort food, we don’t know what is.

Cakabakery’s chocolate chunk cookies


Yes, Cakabakery has excellent cakes. But sometimes you don’t want a whole cake — or your diet won’t allow it. Instead, swing by and pick up a chocolate chunk cookie. First, don’t expect a puny Tollhouse break-and-bake. These decadent cookies are big enough to share. They’re the perfect combo of gooey and crispy . . . they’re making our mouths water just writing about them!

The Mitten Brewing Co.’s Westerdog pizza

The Westerdog Pizza sounds like more of a hangover cure than a comfort food, but can’t it be both? “Hotdogs on a pizza?” you ask? Yes. Plus chili bean sauce, Colby-Jack cheese, onions, pickles, ketchup and mustard. It’s everything you love about a hot dog plus everything you love about pizza. It tastes way better than it sounds. Trust us.

The Filling Station’s onion rings

Comfort food does not equal health food. So when we say we love The Filling Station’s giant, greasy, and oh-so-delicious onion rings, don’t judge us. We’re trying to get through these last days of cold (because Spring is MIA) and these are the only thing that will keep us going.

Twisted Rooster’s lobster mac and cheese


Back when we were in college, mac and cheese was the only thing we knew how to make, and frankly, it still is. But instead of the boxed variety that we know so well, Twisted Rooster elevates this classic dish to new heights. Instead of macaroni noodles, they upgrade to cavatappi (the ridges hold more cheese). Then, they add poached Maine lobster, sweet peas, roasted corn, bread crumbs, fresh herbs and top it off with a crunchy parmesan crisp.

Nonna’s Pantry’s cranberry almond scones

If you find yourself out in Ada on a rainy day, buzz by Nonna’s Pantry for their cranberry almond scone and a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. They’re a cult favorite among the locals, and they hit the perfect balance of tang, crunch and sweet without being too dry.

*Header photo courtesy of Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop

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