10 Must Visit GR Coffee Shops


Whether it’s the buzz of creative conversations or the actual buzz from the caffeine, I always feel more productive at a coffee shop. Since Grand Rapid experiences nine months of colder weather, it’s a true java hotspot; there’s nothing better than a steaming cup of craft coffee on a crisp fall day, amirite? Whether you drink coffee with creamer or creamer with coffee, there is a wide range of shops across town that have something for everyone.

The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand

The East Hills coffee shop opened a new location on the West Side with on-site roasting facilities just this month. Rustic wood floors, tasty drinks and chill vibes make it perfect for a coffee date or a productive afternoon out of the office. Don’t miss their eclectic collection of magazines. 1035 Wealthy St. SE / 442 Bridge St. NW

Ferris Coffee & Nut Co.

One of Grand Rapid’s oldest coffee companies in town, Ferris Coffee and Nut Company has been a community staple since 1924. But it doesn’t just roast nuts and beans, it also hosts coffee brewing and tasting classes. Plus, its menu features fun non-coffee drinks like a golden latte made with turmeric. With two locations and a mobile coffee truck, there’s plenty of Ferris to go around. 227 Winter Ave. NW / 40 Pearl St. NW, Suite 100a


Madcap Coffee Company

A cafe roundup wouldn’t be complete without including critic-favorite Madcap. Madcap serves up brew made from its freshly roasted branded beans. It invests in its farmers and supply chain, so you know that you’re getting an ethically sourced product. Grabbing a cup of their craft coffee isn’t just limited to downtown. Check out Madcap’s new curvy modern space at the Downtown Market or their minimalistic, indoor-outdoor space on Fulton St. 98 Monroe Center NW / 435 Ionia Ave. SW / 1041 Fulton Street E

Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge

Lantern Coffee Bar and Lounge is nestled in the old Grand Central Engineering Building and brews beans from Bay City-based specialty roaster Populace Coffee. It’s are committed to a waste-free service environment, so expect cloth napkins, compostable cups and lids and no packaged sugars or creams. Bring your own reusable mug for extra brownie points; the Lantern crew and Mother Nature thank you. 100 Commerce Ave. SW

Lyon Street Cafe

With a variety of seating options (booth, table and window bar), plentiful power outlets and free Wi-Fi, it’s no surprise that Lyon St Cafe is a college student and freelancer hotspot. It serves Madcap coffee blends on pour over and a selection of smooth espresso drinks. Also available is a variety of sweet treats from sister shop Nantucket Bakery. 617 Lyon St. NE


Rowster Coffee

Rowster Coffee is an established coffee shop on Wealthy St. that roasts a wide range of beans from Burundi to Guatemala. If you can’t get enough of these flavorful brews, it also just opened a spot at the Kingma’s Market’s new Ada location. 632 Wealthy St. SE, Grand Rapids / 410 Ada Dr. SE, Ada

PaLatte Coffee & Art

Part coffee shop, part art gallery, PaLatte Coffee and Art serves up deliciously crafted espresso drinks. It’s located conveniently downtown in the Heartside district; during your next coffee break, take a few minutes slip in to check out their revolving showcase of local art. 150 Fulton St. E

Lightfast Coffee + Art

Lightfast is another coffee-art combo shop and serves up coffee made of Brooklyn-based Parlor Coffee Company beans. Also available are tasty treats from Rise Grand Rapids bakery and Sweet Batches. If coffee isn’t your first choice, there’s a great selection of teas and kombucha as well. 944 Fulton St E.


Common Ground

Common Ground is a local favorite for its chill vibes, funky-named drinks (like Glip Glop and Dirty Dragon) and fair trade organic coffee on drip. If you’re feeling peckish, check out the selection of Schnitz Bakery goodies. 1319 Fulton St. E

Deja Brew Coffee Bar

For a hidden gem outside the downtown area, check out Deja Brew Coffee Bar, tucked behind Twisted Rooster off East Beltline. It whips up delectable coffee drinks made from Uncommon Coffee Roasters beans. If you’re a loose leaf tea drinker, you’ll love the hourglass sand timers that ensure a flavorful cup. Deja Brew also periodically hosts live acoustic music sessions in the evenings. 1600 East Beltline Ave. NE, Suite 118

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