City Built Brewing Partners with Coffee Company on Beer

City Built Brewing Company Soldadera Porter beer glass

Two Grand Rapids beverage makers have joined forces on a specialty brew.

City Built Brewing Company, in collaboration with family-owned Soldadera Coffee, has released Soldadera Porter.

The dark beer is sweetened with piloncillo and Mexican spices and includes a touch of lactose for body.

Soldadera Porter is on tap at City Built Brewing Company.

“We could not pass up the opportunity (for) a collaboration project like this, so when Mario approached us, we readily agreed,” said Ed Collazo, co-owner, City Built Brewing. “For us to support another upcoming business is a natural, and their beer will pair well with some of our Puerto Rican-inspired menu items.”

Mario Rodriguez-Garcia, co-owner of Soldadera Coffee, said the collaboration highlights Soldadera’s efforts in working with local businesses that share its values and are aligned with its social mission.

“City Built, Ed Collazo and his team reflect what Grand Rapids is all about — from being locally owned to supporting, promoting and celebrating the diversity in our community — and by collaborating with them, we are embracing this, while promoting our own social mission,” Rodriguez-Garcia said.

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