Brewery Vivant’s ‘Weird Cousin’ Preps for Opening

Broad Leaf Local Beer bar pre-move in

Brewery Vivant is unveiling a new concept in the area this spring.

Owners Kris Spaulding and Jason Spaulding are planning a second brewery and 99-seat taproom in Kentwood, at 2885 Lake Eastbrook Blvd. SE, but the location won’t just be “Brewery Vivant 2.”

Broad Leaf will be located in a former Klingman’s Furniture warehouse, comprising over 25,000 square feet, and also feature retail space.

Brewery Vivant’s “weird cousin,” now officially dubbed Broad Leaf Local Beer, will offer the owners a chance to experiment with different styles of beer outside of their “farmhouse” specialty.

Spaulding said Broadleaf will also have different menu items from Brewery Vivant’s offerings.

Broad Leaf Local Beer is shooting for a May 1 opening.

It is accepting job applications online.

The name Broad Leaf is intended to evoke a more natural feel, Kris Spaulding said, and the interior will inspire a connection to nature as well.

“Where we’re located, we’re with a lot of big-box retailers and chain restaurants,” Spaulding said. “We want to be the opposite of that, have a more communal, homey feel.”


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