A ‘Much Lighter’ Dragon’s Milk is Flowing

New Holland Brewing Dragon's Milk White stout beer can and glass

New Holland Brewing is unleashing a rare offering.

The brewery is gearing up to release Dragon’s Milk White on Friday.

The new take on the brewery’s flagship stout is a “much lighter” but “no less full-flavored” brew and promises to appeal to “traditional” stout drinkers, as well as those looking for an “accessible” experience.

Dragon’s Milk White will also be the first beer in the Dragon’s Milk family to be released in cans.

It comes in at 6-percent ABV.

“The white stout is an entirely new Dragon’s Milk experience, pulling many of the same awesome flavor notes that our fans have come to love in our original bourbon-barrel-aged stout, but presenting them in a way that is completely unique,” said Dominic Bergquist, brand manager, Dragon’s Milk.

“The hazy golden color is really just the first cue that this beer is going to be unique, with the aromas and flavors that follow making it something we feel is truly special to behold.”

The official release will take place at New Holland’s Pub on 8th in Holland and the Knickerbocker in Grand Rapids.

The nationwide release will follow shortly afterward.

Photo: Courtesy New Holland Brewing

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