Brewery Vivant launches process to choose next Farm Hand variant

Courtesy Brewery Vivant

A local brewery is seeking public input for the next 12 weeks to help choose a year-round variant of its flagship Farm Hand ale.

Grand Rapids-based Brewery Vivant said Thursday, Dec. 2, it will launch scheduled releases of one-off beers based on Farm Hand each Tuesday for 12 weeks — beginning Tuesday, Dec. 7, with the release of the first variant, Tart Hand.

The variants will be on tap exclusively at Vivant. As the brewery releases the beers, it is asking for public feedback on Facebook, Instagram, Untapped or with Vivant bartenders regarding which are the favorite variants.

At the end of the 12 weeks, the brewery will choose a winner to become part of its year-round lineup.

“Farm Hand was the first beer we created here at Vivant, and it continues to remain the No. 1 farmhouse ale in Michigan, so, we can think of no better direction to go than by leveraging Farm Hand’s best qualities and creating a new, year-round beer made in its likeness,” the brewery said.

“We’re excited to launch this project as we continue to create premium beer for you, our valued guests.”

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