Bar on the go

Rent this 1950s camper for your next party.
Ali Bumstead fell in love with the 1950s camper and has since turned it into a mobile business venture. Courtesy Pretty Bitty Bar Co.

Looking for a practical way to add a dash of whimsy to your next event? Check out Pretty Bitty Bar Co., the cutest little 1950s camper turned mobile bar. The perfect bar rental solution for everything from weddings and graduation parties to corporate events and kids’ birthdays, Pretty Bitty Bar Co.’s offerings are completely customizable. Choose your own adventure from the theme to the menu, name your location, and you’ve got a memorable (and Instagram-worthy) party attraction.

Owner Ali Bumstead has been in the service industry for over 20 years, so she knows a thing or two about serving up a quality experience, and with a background in design, she has a flair for the creative. When she first set her eyes on the vintage Dalton camper (at that time parked at Outside Coffee Co. off Wealthy Street) she knew she had to have it. After over a year of jokingly referring to it as “hers,” the coffee shop replaced the camper with a food truck. Bumstead made an offer and became the proud owner of the charming ’50s-inspired trailer. The next two years became a process of renovating and falling in love.

Courtesy Pretty Bitty Bar Co.

As a creative who gets bored and likes to be on the move, designing a space that can go wherever the wind blows is the perfect venture for Bumstead. “It’s exciting to do something you love,” she said, “and also to be able to take it to a new location.”

Since having the camper up and running for business last November, Pretty Bitty Bar Co. has bopped around to the Eastown Holiday Shop Hop and Grand Haven Jingle Bell Parade as a hot chocolate and cider bar, as well as a bar service for office and family Christmas parties.

Courtesy Pretty Bitty Bar Co.

As she prepares for warm weather this summer, Bumstead looks forward to the bridal showers and weddings that the sunshine will bring, allowing her to travel throughout Michigan and be a tourist in her own state. Even more so, she looks forward to inventing new uses for the camper and making clients’ visions a reality — anything from building the space out for a photoshoot, to turning it into a pop-up art gallery with a wine bar, to converting it into a candy bar for a kid’s birthday party. Your event is Bumstead’s next passion project.

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