A cannabis connoisseur’s expert review

Cannabis reviewer Frank Madison

I smoked, dabbed, and ate a lot of Pharmhouse Wellness’ (Grand Rapids only 100% locally owned cannabis provisioning center) offerings over the last several weeks. Here are my favorites:

Grand Rapids Magazine has afforded me the opportunity to review several of Pharmhouse Wellness’ products over the last few weeks. This review is entirely subjective and ranked in no particular order. I employed the most exacting and scientific modalities, mostly involving smoking copious amounts of cannabis, getting lost on walks to my friend’s house and watching Netflix while stuffing my face.

Located on the far west end of Wealthy St., Pharmhouse Wellness offers ordering online for curbside pick-up and a delivery service for medical cannabis products with limited store hours for in-store shopping. I found the staff at Pharmhouse to be very knowledgeable, capable of helping a cannabis connoisseur or someone new to cannabis.

Snoochie Boochies presented by Jay and silent Bob, powered by Cavi Mike
Of all the concentrates, flower and edibles I’ve tried, this infused Pre-Roll by Caviar Gold – a sativa dominant hybrid, was by far my favorite and the most potent. Caviar Gold infuses cannabis through a proprietary system where 95% pure liquid THC is infused inside high-potency strains, raising the THC content to 41.6% (and higher) to create ‘super weed.’ The sativa buds are dipped in hash oil, rolled in kief, made into pre-rolls  and then dipped again in THC oil, because, why not?

Given the level of potency, one pre-roll lasts a very long time. In moderate doses, you’ll feel energized and in love with the world as sativa is a definite mood elevator. Because of its intense effect and extreme potency, even the most seasoned cannabis user should use caution. I found myself talking to a friend about licking toads while marveling at the beauty of nature and got lost walking to a friend’s house I’ve been to one hundred times. When you smoke a product created in partnership with Jay and Silent Bob, prepare to be “snooched.”

Pharmhouse Wellness Chemdog
100% locally grown and owned, this limited hand-crafted 90% indica/ 10% Sativa strain has a content of 19.37%. Chemdog is more potent than most with a rich, earthy musk smell. I found myself relaxed, while not couch locked, with a cerebral high. The high lasts a long time and due to the potent nature, novice users should judiciously control their dosage as a large dose may cause paranoia and fatigue.

After a few hits I cleaned the refrigerator and the cupboards have never been so organized. I also noticed some relief from overworked, sore muscles.

Then I lost my keys.

Don’t worry, they were in my front pocket.




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