Editor’s letter: Dating in Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids offers a slew of fun activities, great restaurants for a romantic rendezvous and plenty of places to pick up items to create the perfect at-home date. But how easy is it to meet other singles in the city and what is it like to date as a millennial or a Gen Zer? We asked a dozen single individuals in the city to share their “dating profiles” with us. We hope you enjoy this fun glimpse into the dating world of Grand Rapids.

And, if you are looking to plan your own date — whether it be a first date or a night out with your spouse, this issue introduces you to plenty of hotspots around the city to consider. Check out our Guide page to find out the must-dos along the Leonard Street corridor or visit our Food & Drink section to find out about new restaurant MDRD, at-home cocktail kit makers Let’s Stay Home Cocktail Kits and our Top 5 suggestions for morning mimosas.

In this issue, we also take a look at the new South East Market, a small-scale grocery store with big ambitions that recently opened on Grand Rapids’ southeast side. Its founder, Alita Kelly, shares her personal journey with us and talks about the transformative possibilities of healthy food options and greater economic access. COVID-19 has shined a light on how financial, health, education and other disparities BIPOC communities face make communities of color more vulnerable to negative health outcomes. Kelly wants to change those statistics by providing food as preventive medicine.

We also are excited to get a glimpse of the new home of the DAAC. The arts venue first opened in 2003 and became a popular location for new artists and musicians to show off their talents, but after a decade, the organization was forced to close due to losing its rented space. A group of artists banded together to revive the DAAC and after several years, they are reopening the space at a new location on Plainfield Avenue with plans to once again provide budding artists and musicians with a place to spotlight their talents.


Charlsie Dewey
Managing Editor, Grand Rapids Magazine

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