Where to drink with food

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    Photos courtesy of Reserve

    While Grove re-opened to help push Grand Rapids into a new culinary direction, the restaurant truly thrives behind the bar as well. The cocktail menu is inventive and refreshing, while the wine list is has a new-world focus that can keep wine lovers interested for multiple meals.

    The Sovengard
    Since it opened, The Sovengard has pushed Michigan beer lovers outside their comfort zone by bringing in the best of the best from across the globe — an unusual but welcomed approach to a beer list in the region. Its cocktails are also among the best and most innovative in town.

    While wine comes first, and understandably, Reserve has long worked to keep its cocktails top notch, which, sometimes that’s a welcomed break from a glass of wine.

    Mezcal and tequila are two of the hottest spirits out there right now, and few places in Grand Rapids showcase them like MeXo. It is not a massive drinks menu, but the selection is solid and the cocktails are delicious.d

    Honorable Mentions: Post Off, Buffalo Traders Lounge and Side Bar. They lack food menus, but these are some of the best places to see what’s new in the world of cocktails and drinking culture.

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