An array of artist workshops announced

    Franciscan Life Process Center in Lowell hosts artists-in-residence
    Douglas Fryer works on a painting.

    The Franciscan Life Process Center has announced its annual lineup of art workshops led by nationally known artists. The program began in 1991 by offering artist-in-residence opportunities to local and national artists. Today, the Center hosts local, national and international artists who provide two- to four-day workshops for aspiring artists who wish to improve their skills and discover new ones.

    ‚ÄúFrom painting and drawing to collage and printmaking, we‚Äôre offering an art workshop for nearly every interest with renowned instructors who are eager to help aspiring artists develop their talents,‚ÄĚ Art Director Kathleen Bechtel said.

    Since its founding by the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist in 1972, the Franciscan Life Process Center has assisted in the education, healthy development and cultural enrichment of individuals and communities of people throughout West Michigan. With campuses in Lowell and Grand Rapids, the Center is dedicated to helping individuals unlock their fullest potential as they journey through the process of life.

    Terry Miura, Douglas Fryer and Charlie Hunter work on paintings. Photo courtesy of the Franciscan Life Center.

    More than 40 multi-day workshops will give aspiring artists the chance to renew their creative spirit, improve their skills and discover new techniques and tools at the Center’s Lowell campus, 11650 Downes St. NE. Open to all, the workshops will be offered late February through October and cover a wide range of media and subjects.

    The cost ranges from $75-$685 per workshop. The Center offers residential options with overnight accommodations, including individual rooms and a guest house, for an additional cost. Attendees can also commute to campus each day.

    ‚ÄúWith a focus on providing the best quality and expertise, our workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to find inspiration through hands-on learning and new connections in the art community,‚ÄĚ Bechtel said.

    The full list of events include:

    • Feb. 29-March 1:¬†Painting Winter Landscapes with Eric Michaels.
    • March 4, 11, 18: Acrylic 3 Sessions Class with Margo Burian.
    • March 11-15: Beyond Words an Icon Writing with Diane Hamel.
    • April 8, 15, 22, 29:¬†Classical Drawing Training with M. Joy Lemon.
    • April 11-13:¬†Figurative Design, Character and Composition with Jeannie McGuire.
    • April 18-19:¬†Still Life with Simplicity with Judith Tummino.
    • April 18-19:¬†The Collage Class with Margo Burian.
    • April 19:¬†Plate Printmaking: An Introduction with Aimee Einfeld-Gelli.
    • April 25-27:¬†Studio Landscape Painting ‚Äď Capturing the Atmosphere with Dave Santillanes.
    • April 25-27:¬†Explore! Surfaces, Textures and Techniques in Watercolor with Robin Poteet.
    • May 6-9:¬†Paint ‚Ķ Collage ‚Ķ Paint! with Kathleen Conover.
    • May 9-10:¬†Painting the Spring Landscape with Pastel with Kathleen Kalinowski.
    • May 15-17:¬†Figure Drawing Workshop with Zin Lim.
    • May 16-17:¬†Multimedia Abstract Painting with Margo Burian.
    • May 21-23:¬†Creating Dynamic Floral Compositions in Oil with Laura Robb.
    • May 22-23:¬†Alla Prima Oil Painting with Lead White with M. Joy Lemon.
    • June 5-8:¬†Outdoor Watercolor Journey with David R. Smith.
    • June 6-7:¬†Creating Energy and Textures in Paint with Barbara Schilling.
    • June 20-22:¬†Landscape Painting Workshop with Kyle Ma.
    • June 20-21:¬†Take Flight with Cindy Cutler Awrey.
    • June 27-28:¬†Constructing Landscapes from Photographs: A Landscape Tradition with Judith Tummino.
    • June¬†27-29:¬†Completing¬†a¬†Portrait: A¬†Journey¬†with Mary¬†Qian.
    • July¬†10-12: Watercolor¬†Collective¬†Artist¬†Series¬†with¬†Eric¬†Michaels¬†and¬†William Mancuso.
    • July 17-20:¬†Making the Landscape Paintable with Phil Starke.
    • July¬†18-20:¬†Painting¬†Impressions¬†with¬†Watercolor¬†with¬†Keiko¬†Tanabe.
    • Aug.¬†15-16:¬†Two¬†of¬†You:¬†Creating¬†a¬†Two-Figure¬†Painting with¬†Judith¬†Tummino.
    • Aug.¬†15-17:¬†Intuitive¬†Painting¬†with¬†Watercolor¬†and¬†Gouache¬†with Stan¬†Kurth.
    • Aug.¬†21-24:¬†The¬†Art¬†of¬†Capturing¬†Personality¬†and¬†Emotion¬†in¬†Oil Portraiture with David¬†Kassan.
    • Aug.¬†28-30:¬†Capturing¬†Light¬†in¬†the¬†Landscape¬†with Eleinne¬†Basa.
    • Aug.¬†29-30:¬†Collage¬†Mixed Media:¬†Paint, Cut,¬†Paste¬†with Kendra¬†Postma.
    • Sept. 12-14:¬†The Expressive Portrait with Chantel Lynn Barber.
    • Sept. 19-21:¬†Mastering the Watercolor Wash with John Hulsey.
    • Sept.¬†19-21:¬†Painting¬†Light¬†in¬†Watercolor¬†with Vladislav¬†Yeliseyev.
    • Sept. 25-27:¬†Oil Painting and Soft Pastels with Margaret Dyer.
    • Sept. 26-27:¬†Abstract Landscapes in¬†Acrylic with Beth Charles.
    • Oct.¬†9-12:¬†Painting¬†the¬†Head¬†from¬†Life¬†with¬†David¬†Gray.
    • Oct.¬†10-11:¬†Explore¬†Values¬†and¬†Expression¬†with¬†Soft¬†Pastel¬†with¬†Kathleen¬†Kalinowski.
    • Oct. 10-12:¬†A¬†Thousand Words Workshop with Len Davis.
    • Oct.¬†17-19:¬†Value¬†and¬†Color:¬†Foundations¬†and¬†Explorations¬†with¬†David¬†Dibble.
    • Oct. 17-18:¬†Value and Edges in Watercolor Painting with Eric Michaels.
    • Oct. 24-25:¬†Abstracting the Landscape with Barbara Schilling.

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