Friends Team Up to Bring Covet Leisure to Your Door



When you work with your friend in the retail business for around 12 years you start to think about doing it on your own terms. For Carmen Foster and Amanda Armstrong, co-owners of the recently launched athleisure brand Covet Leisure, an online athleisure business appealed to them—and literally was walking right in front of them.

“Working together we’d see athleisure pieces come in to the store and we’d see customers coming in to shop, run daily errands, head to the grocery store—doing all of it in athleisure wear,” said Foster, who explained that both she and Armstrong are moms and part of what they gravitate toward is comfort that still looks cute. If this sounds like you, get to know the lifestyle brand that’s ready to outfit you for your multi-faceted life that never slows down.

GR|MAG: Let’s talk about the name, Covet Leisure.

CL: We were thinking of things we wanted, something desired—once we said the word covet, we thought, this is it. We’ll have a spot on the website where we feature what we’re currently coveting such as a hoodie or high-waisted leggings. Our brand will speak to something you want and desire to be.

GR|MAG: What’s the overall aesthetic?

CL: There’s a lot of neutrals and solids. That’s what we gravitate towards. We’ll spice it up with some occasional printed leggings or tops but more basics that are inspired by our love for nature, the outdoors and lake life in Michigan.

GR|MAG: What do you look for when picking out pieces worthy of being in the Covet Leisure lineup?

CL: While we like trends, we’re not high fashion. We’re sticking with year-to-year items—something you’re going to be able to wear this season and carry on into next year. These are classic, versatile pieces.

GR|MAG: What are some specific pieces you’ll be carrying?

CL: We’ve got leggings, joggers, cardigans, sweatshirts, some layering basics like tanks and tees, jackets, and as we head into winter more outerwear pieces. Going forward we’d like to carry shoes and accessories and we’re hoping to expand into maternity, petite and kids’ offerings.

GR|MAG: What’s your target demographic?

CL: We want to appeal to everyone and want to be size inclusive. This isn’t just for your stereotypical fitness person. This is for the everyday woman that likes to be comfortable and upgrade their casual look.

GR|MAG: What are some ways to incorporate athleisure wear into other looks? Any style tips to share?

CL: With some of the basic athleisure pieces you can wear them casually at home then go out later and throw a moto or denim jacket on. You can pair cute athleisure joggers with a dressier top and add a bootie. You could wear things with heels out to dinner. You can take things easily from the office to the street then out to dinner.

GR|MAG: What do you suggest for a chilly day? They are upon us.

CL: There’s a vintage-looking sweatshirt that has a diamond V pattern on the front. It’s kind of retro, kind of ’80s and you can wear it with denim, leggings or joggers and you can throw a coat over it. I like that going into the fall weather. And if you’re not into athleisure, that piece could ease you into it. It’s a step up on your sweatshirt game.

GR|MAG: Think fast! You’re going to be late and must rush out the door. What athleisure wear can you quickly throw on to look presentable?

CL: The Sabrina hooded cardigan. I’ve thrown that on several times already and felt more put together.

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*Photos by Tiffany Duram Photography

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