Little Dreamers Sleepovers is a Real Snoozefest

Little Dreamers soccer themed party.
Little Dreamers soccer themed party.

Mr. Sandman might be out of a job. The legendary figure who’s been putting people to sleep and bringing good dreams has some competition in town with a woman who’s got her own bag of tricks for overnight fun and rest, and she’s a hit with the kids.

If you’ve ever had a sleepover at a friend’s house you know the drill: you pack your sleeping bag, pillow and all the nighttime necessities: movies, music, stuffed animals, candy, scary stories and your cutest pajamas. It’s a rite of passage. It’s a sign of independence. It’s a coming of age thing. The best part? It’s a parent-approved rager that can last all night.

“My niece comes every year from France and it was her and my daughter’s first sleepover. It’s a big deal and I wanted to do something special for them,” said Maranda Palova, on when it hit her that she might be onto a business idea and led to Little Dreamers Sleepovers. “After that, I had so much fun and thought . . . this could be a thing!”

Palova has built Little Dreamers on that firm friendship foundation. She imagined children being surrounded by all their friends, nurturing lasting relationships—growing, learning and understanding what it’s like to have friends, be friends and create magical memories.

In the spirit of sleepovers, we’re compiling a favorites list featuring cool facts about Little Dreamers (because late-night favorites lists are the kinds of silliness that goes down at these things).

Little Dreamers delivers everything you need for your kid's next sleepover.
Little Dreamers delivers everything you need for your kid’s next sleepover.


Sleepovers aren’t just for girls (although we’re killing it in this area). Events can be set up for boys and there’s also gender-neutral themes as an option—the popular Under the Stars theme is a perfect example of that.


Everything has been thought of here. The standard and popular Little Dreamers Sleepover package includes five of the following items: sleepover tents, air mattresses, breakfast trays, lanterns, fairy lights, bunting and sleep masks for each guest.

You can add additional tents to your package if need be and bonus—sleepover kits can be added to entertain and keep little guests busy, occupied and out of your hair (unless you want them dressing up the family pet—that could easily happen).


Poor old mom and dad are already chefs, personal shoppers, play-date organizers and chauffeurs for their children. Let’s not add event-planner to their already bloated services list. Delivery and set-up is included in the package price, so things stay trouble-free. Little Dreamers delivers the goods, styles the scene and returns the following day to clean and pick up equipment.  That’s one less thing for the house-cleaner (you) to tackle.

Little Dreamers spa party theme.
Little Dreamers spa party theme.


You can go with the above standard package but if the kids want to be extra, let them run wild with the excitement and allure associated with Harry Potter, Under the Stars, Tween Pink & Black, Unicorn, Mermaid, Pirate Life and Soccer themes. While an upgraded service, it’s where young ones can get excited through over-the-top décor. “A lot of girls like turquoise and purple colors,” said Palova.


Adding an activity is a smart move. Add on a sleepover kit, so children have a little something to keep them entertained. For example, for a mere $10 per person, the Pampered Party offers rental pieces in the form of robes, beauty mirrors, washcloths and towels but guests can keep bath bombs, headbands, cucumber face masks, nail polish, pedicure slippers and lip gloss.

If pampering isn’t the best fit for your party, consider a paint party kit (sort of like the child’s version of wine and canvas) or a baking party or cupcakes and tea activities. A pillow decorating kit has kids painting their handprints on pillowcases and guests can sign their names. There’s a movie kit, bracelet kit and smores kit as well. “You need them to burn off some energy,” said Palova. “It’s important that they have something to do to help them wind down at night.”

Little Dreamers pirate themed party.
Little Dreamers pirate themed party.


The adults want in on this too! Little Dreamers caters to adult special occasions as well. Imagine your next birthday or girls night out as a Girls Night In themed sleepover or Under the Stars Movie, Video Game Night or Romantic Proposals set up. Your next Sweet Sixteen party or bachelorette party could be brought to you with a sleepover vibe.


Sometimes, after all the planning, mom and dad are too tired to watch the fun unfold. With Little Dreamers, it’s all taken care of and when you remove the stress and workload you can appreciate and feel present in the process rather than checking items off a chore list. “Parents can sit back and relax and watch them giggle and laugh and feel relaxed and enjoy the party with them,” said Palova.

Visit Little Dreamers Sleepovers for more information. 

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