Pack Your Bags! Brewery Hosts Tour of Bavaria

Cedar Springs Brewing offers guided tour of Bavaria.
Cedar Springs Brewing offers guided tour of Bavaria.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company is bringing 30 guests on a guided tour of Bavaria for eight days. The tour will take guests around a variety of popular beer and tourist attractions in the region.

The tour will start on Saturday, May 12, 2018 and conclude on Sunday, May 20, 2018. The trip begins in Munich, Germany and will depart from there.

“We’re excited to share some of the inspiration behind Cedar Springs Brewing with our friends as we explore Bavarian hospitality, both in famous places and those that tourists don’t typically see,” said Cedar Springs Brewing owner, David Ringler.

The tour also includes some of the lesser-known spots that actually inspired some of the menu items at Cedar Springs. “We’ll stop by many of the places that I fell in love with as I was plotting to bring a little bit of Gemütlichkeit to West Michigan. Many of these places belong to friends, and all of them are incredible to visit,” said Ringler.

The cost of the tour includes meals, transportation, accommodations and starter beverages but does not include travel accommodations to and from Munich once the trip is finished.

Hosted by Bavarian tour company BayernTrips (owned by Michigan natives Scott and Vonia Stephens), the tour will be led by Stephens, a Diplom Bier-Sommelier, as well as Ringler.

More details will be provided during an informational meeting held at Cedar Springs Brewery on Monday, Oct. 23 at 6 p.m. The itinerary can be viewed and reservations made on the BayernTrips website.

Founded in 2015, Cedar Springs Brewing Company prides itself on crafting German-inspired beer and cuisine. This partnership with BayernTrips allows Cedar Springs to show guests the inspiration behind its Bavarian roots.

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