Grand Rapids ranks in top 50 for carless weekend trips

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The city of Grand Rapids ranked as the 43rd best city to take a carless weekend trip in a study of the 150 biggest cities in the U.S., according to LawnStarter.

The only other Michigan city on the list, Detroit, ranked 113th. Grand Rapids ranked 33rd in the having fun category, 47th in getting around and 67th in COVID-19 safety.

The list was created with things to do, public transport and COVID-19 vaccination rate metrics taken into consideration. Each city received a score out of 100 points for each of the six categories, and LawnStarter averaged them to get an overall score.

The top 10 best cities for a carless weekend trip are:

  1. San Francisco, California

2. Seattle, Washington

3. Oakland, California

4. Portland, Oregon

5. Madison, Wisconsin

6. San Jose, California

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Fremont, California

9. Boston, Massachusetts

10. Santa Rosa, California

The top 10 worst cities for a carless weekend trip are:

150. Mobile, Alabama

149. Shreveport, Louisiana

148. Montgomery, Alabama

147. Birmingham, Alabama

146. Memphis, Tennessee

145. Grand Prairie, Texas

144. Jacksonville, Florida

143. Columbus, Georgia

142. Little Rock, Arkansas

141. Wichita, Kansas

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