Grand Rapids among better-run cities in US

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With local governments’ leadership abilities being tested by COVID-19, Grand Rapids came out among the better-run cities in the country, according to a study.

Personal finance website WalletHub recently released a report ranking Grand Rapids No. 36 out of the 150 most populated cities in the U.S. in terms of governing.

Grand Rapids received a quality of services rank of 31 and a total budget per capita rank of 53. Comparatively, the best-governed city in the U.S. was Nampa, Idaho, with a quality of services rank of 74 and a total budget rank of 1.

Washington D.C. came in last with a quality of services rank of 34 and a total budget rank of 150.

Top 10 best-run cities in 2020

  1. Nampa, Idaho
  2. Boise, Idaho
  3. Provo, Utah
  4. Las Cruces, New Mexico
  5. Durham, North Carolina
  6. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
  7. Missoula, Montana
  8. Fort Wayne, Indiana
  9. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  10. Nashua, New Hampshire


WalletHub compared 150 of the most populated cities across six key categories: financial stability, education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. Each category was graded on a 100-point scale with a score of 100 representing the highest quality of service.

WalletHub then divided the quality of city services score by the total budget per capita to construct a score per dollar spent index, which is the overall rank of the city.

The metrics used do not create a disadvantage for Washington D.C., despite its unusual status as a city/state, with the exception of the long-term debt outstanding per capita metric. But even with that metric removed, Washington D.C. still ranked last.

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