Let It All out in the ‘Break Room’

Break Room Therapy

A new kind of “break room” is coming to a Grand Rapids suburb.

Break Room Therapy — a “rage room,” where customers can unleash their stress in a controlled environment — will open this Thursday in Byron Township, at 889 76th St. SW.

Break Room Therapy will offer a variety of printers, TVs, dishes, glasses, mugs, computer monitors and other items for patrons to destroy with baseball bats, hammers, sledgehammers or crowbars.

Only two people are allowed in a room at one time.

The space also features a boxing room, “office rage” room with a full office setup – monitors, printers and keyboards to destroy – as well as special deals for groups of over five people.

The business offers flash-drive recordings of sessions, but participants can also use their smartphones or video cameras for live streaming.

Reservations are suggested, although walk-ins are accepted if open rooms are available.

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