Grand Rapids Ranks Within Top 30 of World’s Most Hipster Cities


We all know that Grand Rapids is a midwest hipster haven, but now the world knows, too. According to MoveHub’s annual International Hipster Index, Grand Rapids rings in at No. 28 (out of 446 cities).

The index is based on an analysis of the number of vegan restaurants, coffee shops, vintage boutiques, tattoo parlors and record stores per 100,000 residents.

While the Pacific Northwest dominates the top slots, Grand Rapids ranks higher than Amsterdam, Netherlands; Porto, Portugal; and even Austin, Texas.

The recognition is no surprise to us. Grand Rapids is home to a wide range of third-wave coffee shops (Madcap, Lyon St. Cafe and Rowster Coffee, just to name a few) and incredibly tasty vegan options (like Marie Catrib’s, Electric Cheetah and Chez Olga). On the shopping side, saunter down Wealthy St. and cozy, artisan boutiques will beckon you inside. Or, head to Vertigo Music to stock up on your favorite albums on vinyl.

Interestingly, the index didn’t take into account microbreweries/craft breweries. But if it did, we’d surely come in first.

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