Battle Back to School Jitters with Parent-Child Yoga Class

Seva Yoga previously offered a superhero themed class for kids.
Seva Yoga previously offered a superhero themed class for kids.

Seva Yoga is offering Believe in YOU! on Friday, Sept. 21, a parent-child yoga experience meant to cultivate positive self-esteem in kids ages 3-12.

“With back to school jitters, our Believe in YOU! class is designed to be the perfect family activity night to focus on all the positive aspects in your life,” said Melissa Tungl, owner of Seva Yoga. “At a time when you can be feeling nervous about new classrooms, new friends, new teachers, we want to remind kids that everything they are is unique and loved.”

Tungl explained that this event offers parents and kids a healthy activity to do on a Friday night, and the “Believe in YOU!” theme will foster positive discussion about personal attributes.

In addition to a kid-friendly yoga session, guided activities encourage parents and children to open up in dialogue about why they love each other and what they think the other one does well.

Benefits of Early Yoga Immersion

Seva Yoga has hosted several parent-child yoga experiences in the past because it believes in the benefits of exposing boys and girls to yoga at an early age. Each of its previous events has garnered positive results. “We have received nothing but positive feedback,” said Tungl.

Teaching yoga at a young age is beneficial to helping kids form healthy habits they can carry with them throughout their life, explained Tungl. After learning different poses and breathing techniques, kids can refer back to these poses when they are stressed or need to restore. Yoga teaches kids how to overcome obstacles and combat stress in healthy, safe ways.

“It also helps with body and spatial awareness, as well as emotional regulation. The connection with breath and movement is powerful at all ages, and can especially introduce children to intentional living,” said Tungl.

In parent-child yoga sessions at Seva Yoga, the class primarily focuses on poses that show boys and girls how strong and brave they are. Kids are taught the importance of harnessing their breathing, and how breath can help them to balance, slow down, and warm up their bodies.

“Yoga is for the whole family. Parents come back to say because of our classes, they now do yoga in their home as an activity to turn off the technology and bond with their kids,” Tungl said.

Previous parent-child events included a superhero class where kids came dressed in costumes and each of the yoga poses had fun superhero-themed names. Another popular parent-child event was a Mother’s Day yoga session for moms and their sons after a public consensus suggested there weren’t many events or opportunities in the area for mother-son bonding.

“Parents appreciate that the event is a healthy option for both boys and girls, and something they can all do together,” said Tungl.

What to Expect at Believe in YOU!

Parents and children will start the workshop with a partner activity that encourages positive self-esteem, followed by a kid-friendly yoga session.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. “Yoga is about moving, breathing and having fun, there is no experience required to do that,” said Tungl.

If you own a yoga mat, bring one along for each participant. If not, the equipment will be provided.

The event takes place on Friday, Sept. 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Admission costs $25 for each parent/child combo and $5 for each additional child. Space will be limited and pre-registration is required, visit Seva Yoga’s website or Facebook page to sign up.

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