Winter Warmer: Maple Hot Toddy


Maple Hot Toddy, photo and recipe by Katy McAvoy

Whether you’re coming in from a day of ice skating or are chilly from shoveling snow, this cozy and delicious Maple Hot Toddy is the perfect sip to warm you up on a cold day. One part Hot Toddy and one part Old Fashioned cocktail, this drink takes your favorite bourbon and sweetens it up using fresh orange juice and a little maple syrup. Black walnut bitters add some warm spice and keep that sweetness in check.

If you’re used to a hot toddy being only for colds or tasting too medicinal, this recipe is here to change that. Leaving out the honey and lemon – two popular flavors for cough drops and cough syrups – means this Maple Hot Toddy stands on its own as a unique winter drink. No sore throat necessary.

Be sure to choose real maple syrup – not pancake syrup – for this cocktail. And squeeze a fresh orange instead of pouring from a carton. You’ll want a big slice of orange for garnish, so juice the rest of the fruit for your cocktail. There’s only five ingredients in this drink – and one is water – so using fresh and real ingredients is important for making the best tasting cocktail possible.

Maple Hot Toddy with orange garnish. Photo and recipe by Katy McAvoy

2 oz bourbon
0.75 oz pure maple syrup
1 oz fresh orange juice
2 dashes black walnut bitters 4 oz hot water
Orange wheel (garnish)

Combine bourbon, maple syrup, orange juice, and bitters in a mug.
Top with hot water. Stir and garnish with a slice of fresh orange. Sip and enjoy!

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