Twitter data: Cookies and cream is Michigan’s favorite ice cream flavor

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In Michigan, cookies and cream ice cream took the title for most mentioned in Twitter tweets and hashtags.

Throughout the month of July, which is national ice cream month, Seriously Smoked compiled geotagged Twitter data to determine the ice cream flavor most mentioned in every state.

Over 300,000 tweets were tracked, revealing chocolate as the top flavor in the U.S.

The top flavors across the U.S. are as follows:

Chocolate – 21 states

Cookies and Cream – 10 states

Vanilla – 8 states

Strawberry – 5 states

Cookie Dough – 2 states

Rocky Road – 2 states

Mint Chocolate Chip – 1 state

The map below, based on geotagged Twitter data collected since July 1, shows how states across the country stacked up for their favorite flavor.

Ice cream map Courtesy Seriously Smoked

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