Survey: Nearly half of Michigan men admit they miss drinking with friends this year

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A new survey from found 42% of men in Michigan have felt depressed as a result of having limited contact with friends during the pandemic.

The survey looked at the impact of social distancing on the health of 2,445 men from across the country with a specific focus on men’s inability to drink with their friends. The study found that aside from the Super Bowl in February, the holiday season is the most popular time for men to drink and socialize with friends. Nearly a quarter (24%) of participants rated Christmas Eve as the best drinking session, while Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve each received 21%.

The majority of men reported using time with their friends to talk about work and relationship issues with money issues making up a smaller portion of conversations.

The 42% of Michigan men who reported feeling down this year is ranked 38th in the country. The highest number comes from South Dakota, where 80% of men reported a decrease in mental health quality as a result of the pandemic. Michigan’s numbers also are lower than its Midwest neighbors: The “social distancing blues” have impacted 44% in Ohio, 49% in Indiana, 51% in Illinois and 64% in Wisconsin.

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